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A broken leg didn’t stop her from traveling Europe solo (ep.18)

May 31, 2022 Christine Lozada Episode 18
Everyday Badassery
A broken leg didn’t stop her from traveling Europe solo (ep.18)
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A capoeira accident in which she broke her leg (sparring with her future husband) while living in China. This is the story of Ketti Wilhelm of Tilted Map, she didn’t have a moment of doubt because she just.. took the trip.

📍 Filmed in the back of a (very bumpy) bus while traveling down the famous Blues highways of Mississippi, Ketti and I chat about what happens when you SLOW down when traveling.

Find her blog post about the trip https://www.tiltedmap.com/mississippi-blues-trail-guide/ 

See the video of this trip https://youtu.be/r0sy-4QPoAw 



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i don't think i ever had a moment of doubt because i never gave myself a chance to think about it i love the fact that i just i don't know why that idea occurred to me in the moment that i'm still gonna go traveling i'm gonna go traveling for two months yeah with a broken leg on crutches by myself like backpacking you know staying in hostels like not you know not getting picked up and like shuttled around in a limo but like but you're saying something important which is you felt something you knew something deep within and you just listened to it yeah versus letting your head get the best of you which is yeah that might not be the best idea

welcome to another episode of everyday badassery i'm your host christine lozada and in this episode if you're watching with us we are bumping along the road on a bus on the mississippi famous blues highways and i am chatting with actually let's let her introduce herself who are you who am i my name is kenny wilhelm and i write a blog called tiltedmath.com and it's about travel and sustainability true to form this is a traveling podcast and we are filming this thing in the back of a noisy bus and if you're watching you're gonna see a bunch of shots from the mississippi trip that we were on it was awesome but this is a podcast meant to inspire you to be just one percent more badass today than you were yesterday kenny's story is amazing because it really is a why not and just do it so let's start somewhere you might not expect one boot one shoe actually is it what does that mean one foot one shoe you had one boot and

it was summer it was summer so was your boot sweaty yeah i went to sevilla known as the frying pan of europe yeah yeah yeah on crutches like i didn't even wear a bra the whole week i was there because i was like this is just it's too much sweat i had no idea sevilla was like that because when i was there i was there in winter it was cold oh yeah i spent new years alone

okay hold on where does the story start yeah and did you have the boot you had the boot before you went you didn't like before i went to take care of this while you were there no so i've been living in china for a year okay i started doing capoeira which is a brazilian martial art when i was in china yes the number one way to ruin a pedicure go on yes that's right we talked about this i broke my leg doing capoeira like three days before i was supposed to leave china what were you doing in capoeira that made you which i pronounced it incorrect yeah that made you break your leg okay so it's actually my husband that i was sparring with the man who is now my husband who had met like a month before so if you broke your what happened to him i married him i think he's funny helped me pack up my apartment in china and a couple years later we got married no so we were on this very soft like boxing boxing gym flooring so he did a takedown called which is mean scissors and it's like one leg behind you one leg but in front and you sound sexy flip the person over it is sexy when it goes well it's very sexy um and but we're on this squishy floor and so my foot just kind of stuck on the ground instead of instead of slipping out and letting me fall over backwards yeah i fell over backwards but my legs stayed under me so i broke my fibula in many places what was his reaction when it happened he he looked like he was going to die he looked like he wasn't like the bloodshed [ __ ] that would have meant that i wouldn't have married him

no i've never seen him look uh like he was actually gonna make me faint i think um so i went to the long story short we go to the hospital and um it went in china they wanted to they wanted to do the surgery that night luckily that didn't work out because i later got better medical advice which was don't do the surgery right away yes anyway i'm sitting on a gurney sitting on a gurney with my friends um my chinese friends who are translating for what the doctor is saying and one of my friends goes well it's gonna ruin your summer trip but at least it makes a good story or something or at least it'll be okay and i was like [ __ ] no it's not gonna ruin my summer trip i'm still going and i i think it was the delirious pain or painkillers which they hadn't even given me at they sent me home with two lore tabs from the hospital leg it was like this is not you cannot do this um yeah no a friend of mine who worked in a hospital in china had to like illegally sneak sneak pain killers from me to get help because they saw my broken legs

so i think it was the fact that i was sitting there in the hospital and for some totally poorly thought out reason i said no i'm still gonna go traveling i didn't even have time to think about it so you decided to take the trip did you go like where did that start where did you travel to and did you fly there directly from where you were at right there gosh no okay so made the decision in the hospital bed to actually continue to actually do the trip yeah um to not give it up somehow i never reconsidered that decision or i mean if i did it was like i had already i had already you know said it so said it so firmly that i was like okay i'm gonna i'm just gonna do this um i went home to montana which is where i'm from for surgery i was there for a couple of weeks my best friend from mexico was gonna meet me in montana i was gonna be in seattle we were gonna like road trip the whole us and then i was gonna fly to belarus to meet some friends from belarus i ended up cutting off half of the monsanto part but my friend from mexico or half of the u.s part my friend from mexico met me in montana we flew to new york city i you know got the biggest compliment of one of one of the biggest compliments of my traveling life in the subway this guy goes are you local i was like nope i am from montana sir oh okay i figured you were a new yorker because i thought only a new yorker would ride the subway on crutches i've made i love it um backpack yeah hobbled around new york for a few days and then flew over to belarus and took a bus up through lithuania latvia estonia took the ferry to finland flew down to spain and then went to visit my then boyfriend yeah being you know like in italy answer this in whatever comes to your mind first what was the hardest part about that trip learning to slow down oh i just got goosebumps tell me mom i mean that was the first time that i realized that you can have just as much fun traveling by just seeing a few things sitting down

there were afternoons when i sat down in a cafe and i was like i'm tired my one of my legs is tired the other leg is swollen and hurts my arms are exhausted i keep trying to put different kinds of padding under my armpits because i'm putting on miles and miles on crutches every day and i hope i'm like raw um i'm tired i just want to i just want to sit but i still want to feel like i'm traveling and i would just sit down in a cafe in some plaza and order a tiny beer for like 45 cents in estonia and i would just watch people and i would meet a ton of people too because when you're traveling and there's something a little bit different about you people come up and talk to you and i met so many people on that trip and i mean that's i think that happens anytime that you just slow down when you're traveling yeah and you kind of get out of your own way and get out of your own this is about me i have to go you know i have to go take an instagram picture in this location i have to see every tourist spot on the map and you just start saying i'm just gonna experience what's going on yeah i love that i used to be the fast traveler that would just sprint through everywhere i went and one of my favorite things now is to always schedule in time no matter how busy a trip is so now i travel way slower but i always schedule in time to be wander lost which is i purposely just get lost i spend a lot of time finding fun places to just sit down and people watch yeah and when you quietly observe and also let the world in you meet amazing people and that's when i mean we're always on the hunt for adventure but that's when adventure truly finds you it's in those moments quiet when you're slowing down and you can listen and take it away exactly i love that i'm curious if you how long ago was this this was uh 2015. have you have you taken that mindset into like how has that changed you today oh absolutely yeah i've i'm not afraid to travel by myself anymore because anything is easy compared to that wow i mean i was living in china at the time and i'm also not afraid to try to learn a language anymore because they have language is easier than chinese yeah languages like easier they're trying to learn better yes um you know coming from coming from a native english speaker who grew up speaking only english yeah um yeah so i've i've learned that i can travel slowly i don't need to rush to see everything because i'm going to have a great time even if i just see the corner cafe a lot of times yeah um yeah hell yeah and are you a badass i think i'm a badass why you because you reminded me that i'm a badass and now that i've reminded you why would you tell somebody else you worry about us

because i'm trying to change the way people travel because i'm trying to change the world and make and make more sustainable travel possible in any type of trip that's my goal that's what i that's what i write about now hell yeah and every now and then when i talk to a tour guide who says i noticed this just happened this morning i noticed that you brought out your reusable fork last night when we were at the restaurant with all the disposable plastic forks i was really impressed by that and i'm gonna talk to the restaurant and i'm gonna try to work on some of this stuff because that is like that's what makes it that's what makes it worth it to me and i get comments from readers all the time who say like i had never considered taking the ferry instead of flying between these greek islands but now that you've explained how easy it is and you've explained the difference that it makes and the climate benefit of doing that yeah now i'm gonna look into it for the first time and i think it's really easy to get caught up in thinking that the world's too big to change and oh i'm just one person and it's not true this is not true it's not it's not true because there are so many other people doing the same thing there are so many other people looking for ways to do better and you don't have to be perfect i think that's also the most badass thing is to realize that you don't have to be perfect to make a difference you have to make a small improvement in what you can control so many gems in this yes i think you can see why i was so excited to bring kenny onto this podcast such a badass if you found some value in this make sure you cheers that like button or leave a comment or review below it really does help to distribute this to more people and journal along with us download the free badassery journal link in the description below for more on that make use of what you heard today you know where to find us info in the description but here's where you find kitty so instagram is my main social profile um at tilted map i'm also on facebook um yeah but i mean i i try to share i try to share i try to get people involved on instagram when i try to have have a conversation about ways to travel more sustainably yeah and then i really dive deep into like tactical things and tips and destinations where there's something unique that makes it this destination has you're gonna have a lower impact if you take your vacation on this island versus this island um so i go into a lot more detail and stuff like that on my blog i love that can you say i am a badass for yourself in chinese oh well sure badass

i have no idea how to say badass

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